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What is that dip?!?!

I'm a big fan of dips in general. Especially, queso! But let me tell you, I get asked more about this dip than any other items I put on my Grazing Tables. It is my Lemon Curd Fruit Dip and it's so good I eat it with a spoon!

Now of course you can eat it with a spoon like me, or I also recommend strawberries, grapes and apples. I also like to dip into it with pretzels or a good ole fashion nilla wafer.

For presentation you can shred a little lemon zest on top to give your guests a preview of what they are about to taste, or like the photo above, I topped it off with some raspberry preserves, coconut sprinkles, lemon zest and mint. I've also been wanting to try topping it with the sweet dried lemon slices from Trader Joes. If you DIY this recipe and try those lemon slices, send us picture!

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